#1 Ngrok alternative. Without subscription. With .local domains and top-rated UX.


LocalCan™: Develop with .local Domains & Persistent Public URLs

Seamless Domain Publication

  • Exposing Localhost: Publish your domains (.local) from your MacBook, instantly visible to devices within your local network, streamlining development and testing.

Unlimited Local Domains

  • Efficient Testing: Utilize special top-level domains (.local) to test apps over HTTPS or across multiple Wi-Fi connected devices without limitations.

Persistent Public URLs

  • Secure Exposures: Securely expose localhost projects to the internet, facilitating sharing with clients, stakeholders, and enabling thorough testing, including webhooks and OAuth integrations.

Traffic Inspection & Webhook Testing

  • Network Examination: Inspect traffic from local domains and public URLs, enabling comprehensive testing of webhook functionality and network traffic integrity.

Pricing Options

  • Tailored Licensing: Options catering to individual developers, teams, and agencies with varying macOS device requirements, ensuring cost-effective access to LocalCan.

FAQs & Support

  • Detailed Guidance: Extensive FAQs addressing functionality, domain limits, refund policies, and technical queries to support a smooth and effective user experience.

Development Safety Measures

  • HTTPS-enabled Domains: Benefit from HTTPS support via a built-in Reverse Proxy server, ensuring secure connections for development environments.

Local Network Compatibility

  • Wi-Fi Integration: Works seamlessly within local networks, leveraging mDNS protocol supported by typical home network routers.

LocalCan™ empowers developers and teams by simplifying development processes through .local domains and persistent Public URLs, enabling efficient testing, secure exposures, and seamless networking capabilities.

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