Launch today

A production ready boilerplate app for startups and indie makers


LaunchToday™: Your Fast Track to Mobile App Development

Streamlined App Kickstart

  • Production-Ready Boilerplate: Designed for startups and indie makers, this React Native and Expo-based boilerplate app includes authentication, payments, in-app purchases, subscriptions, data handling, and real-time alerts to accelerate your app launch process.

Feature-Centric Approach

  • Accelerated Development: Unlike typical boilerplates, prioritize user-centric features over foundational elements, empowering you to launch your app faster, meeting user demands swiftly.

Integration Highlights

  • Seamless Integrations: Incorporates Supabase for data handling and authentication, Stripe and RevenueCat for payments, Sentry for real-time alerts, Aptabase for analytics, Firebase and APNS for push notifications.

Extensive Documentation

  • Simplified Setup: Thorough documentation simplifies the setup process, aiding in integrating various components, troubleshooting, and preparing for app store deployment.

Community Engagement

  • Supportive Community: Engage with a vibrant React Native developer community to discuss ideas, troubleshoot issues, propose features, and foster collaborations.

Hassle-Free Development

  • Efficient Launch: Skip extensive setup and save countless hours on development by leveraging this React Native Boilerplate to focus on shipping user-centric features efficiently.

Developer's Vision

  • Facilitated Development: Crafted by Paul, a Software Engineer aiming to simplify React Native app building, ensuring a faster, smoother app development journey for developers and teams.

LaunchToday™ is your solution for expediting mobile app development, catering to developers and teams seeking accelerated app launches, robust integrations, and a supportive developer community.

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