Screen Studio

Beautiful Screen Recording in Minutes


High-quality videos. Without video editing skills.

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All the best design patterns baked in. Screen Studio is an opinionated tool that automatically makes your screen recordings look beautiful.

Promo videos, tutorials, product updates, demos, or social media stories. All leveled up without extra effort.

Enhance Your Video Content Effortlessly

Create stunning, professional-grade videos without the hassle of video editing. Screen Studio incorporates the best design patterns, infusing elegance into your screen recordings automatically.

Versatile Applications

From engaging promo videos to tutorials, product updates, demos, and social media stories, Screen Studio elevates each without requiring extra effort on your part.

Captivating Visuals

Instantly refine your videos for better engagement and focus. Screen Studio ensures clarity and attention-grabbing sequences, particularly on smaller screens.

Precision in Presentation

Automatic zoom functionality allows seamless focus on the core actions, highlighting your screen's pivotal moments effortlessly.

Optimized Viewing Experience

In vertical export mode, Screen Studio adapts all zooms for optimal viewing, ensuring your content looks perfect in any orientation.

Personalized Touch

Manually select essential segments of your recording, and let Screen Studio animate the zooms automatically, giving you control over your video's narrative.

Effortless Editing

With a simple drag-and-drop interface on the timeline, effortlessly manage your zooms without the need for manual adjustments.

Exemplary Professionalism

Screen Studio infuses every recorded video with high-quality effects, sparing you the hours of manual effort typical in standard editing software.

Seamless Cursor Control

Transform shaky cursor movements into smooth glides for a more polished viewing experience.

Cursor Customization

Adjust the cursor's size even after recording to improve its visibility and clarity.

Selective Cursor Display

Automatically hide the cursor if it's redundant, elegantly removing it with a subtle animation in the final video.

Loopable Videos

Enable cursor return to its initial position for videos designed for social media or demos, ensuring seamless looping.

Refined Details

Replace standard system cursors with high-resolution versions when increasing cursor size, enhancing visual clarity.

Branding and Personalization

Tailor your video with personalized branding options, adjusting background, spacing, shadow, and more.

Efficiency in Editing

Easily trim, cut, or speed up segments of your recording for a seamless final product.

Streamlined Recording

Screen Studio effortlessly records from your Apple computer or connected device, making the process simple yet powerful.

Audio and Visual Enhancement

Incorporate webcam, microphone, and system audio to enhance tutorials, presentations, and other video types effortlessly.

Seamless Integration

Overlay your selfie onto the video without obstructing the cursor, ensuring a clear view.

Audio Perfection

Normalize voice volume and eliminate background noise automatically for a pristine audio experience.

Subtitling Made Easy

Generate a transcript and add it as subtitles, ensuring accessibility without sending data to external servers.

System Audio Capture

Record system audio from all apps or selected ones, simplifying audio tutorial creation.

Mobile Device Mastery

Record and elevate your app demonstrations or tutorials on iPhone or iPad by connecting and recording with a USB cable.

Device Detection and Customization

Automatically detect your device model and color, with options to customize frames and colors for a tailored recording experience.

Effortless Export and Sharing

Seamlessly export videos with optimized settings for various platforms, from web to social media or further editing.

Export Variety

Export videos up to 4K 60fps or highly optimized GIFs, offering versatility in your sharing options.

Clipboard Convenience

Copy your video to the clipboard for quick sharing across social media or chats, ensuring hassle-free dissemination.

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