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BoltAI: Elevate Your Mac Experience with ChatGPT

Unleash the Power of AI, Pay Once, Use Forever!

Enhanced Privacy & Security

  • Local Operation: BoltAI operates locally on your device, ensuring all AI interactions stay within your machine.
  • No User Data Storage: No user input or prompts are stored or sent externally, guaranteeing utmost privacy.
  • Secure OpenAI API Key Handling: Your OpenAI API key is securely stored in the Apple Keychain using industry-standard encryption methods.

Unlock Additional Benefits

  • Intelligent Assistance: BoltAI utilizes OpenAI's GPT to provide AI assistance within macOS apps, enhancing your productivity across tasks like emails, reports, coding, and idea generation.

  • Data Protection: Your data is entirely secure with BoltAI. Operating locally, no user input is stored or sent externally, ensuring utmost privacy.

  • Future Expansion: While currently exclusive to Mac, future platform expansion is under consideration to better serve our users.

  • Transparent Costing: The cost aligns with OpenAI's API pricing, providing clear and transparent billing for API key usage.

  • Customized AI Assistance: Tailor GPT's behavior with AI Assistants, adapting responses to specific tasks or roles for enhanced productivity and creativity.

  • Create Your AI Assistant: Empower yourself by creating custom AI Assistants, adjusting behavior to unique needs.

System Requirements & Contact Information

  • Requirements:

    • macOS device (exclusive to macOS 12.0+)
    • OpenAI API key
    • Stable internet connection for seamless AI interactions
  • Contact Us:

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